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  • A short introduction to Rare.io

    Posted: Apr 29 2016

    Due to inbox overload and irrelevant content, customers aren’t reacting positively to email marketing. They mostly ignore or unsubscribe, hence the reason why the industry click-through rate average is around 3%. For online stores, a successful email marketing strategy can make or break the business. Therefore, mass emailing customers isn’t the optimal solution for online stores. Rare.io is a predictive email marketing solution for ecommerce that gives online stores the...
  • A World of Margin

    Posted: Mar 29 2016

    One of the attractions of starting an online shop is that the barriers to entry are relatively low.  Whether you are already selling products elsewhere or decide to open up with a new idea, it’s a very short step to having your store up and running. Choosing your e-commerce platform and then picking a theme for your store is pretty easy and once you’ve set up the products and organised your...
  • Tips on How to Solve the Most Common Shopify SEO Problems

    Posted: Jun 17 2014

    Tips on How to Solve the Most Common Shopify SEO Problems
    Gone are the days when website owners have to wait for the progress of SEO campaign to end before they can sell their products online. Today, you can take advantage of the E-commerce platforms such as Shopify which has been known as user friendly. In as fast as 15 minutes, you can launch your online store. But there is a catch – is Shopify good for SEO? While Shopify has...