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  • Shopify VS Amazon

    Posted: Mar 03 2016

    It’s no secret that Shopify is the best platform for starting your eCommerce business. It’s a simple set-up, extremely intuitive and feasibly you can have at least one product, your bank account connected, and a simple theme up and running in less than an hour.Just look at that for a moment. You can own and brand a shop in under an hour with most of the tools baked in that...
  • Doing Engagement the Right Way

    Posted: Oct 21 2015

    Doing Engagement the Right Way
    Are you hiding from your customers? Have you ever sat back and realised that you are spending more time on running operations for your shop than engaging with your customers? Are you hiding from them?It's really too easy to fall into the digital marketer's trap of relying too much on analytics, researching which social posting tool is the best or has the most functions and so on.You feel like you...