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  • Should I Have Different Keywords for Every Product?

    Posted: Jul 01 2016

    Product Titles and Keywords. The Repetition That Google Ignores If you write and produce content for a blog, you know that the title of your next post is crucial for SEO for at least two reasons. The first is that it needs to be specific to the content of your post and contain keywords optimised for natural search. You can get super critical about this by using keyword relevance tools,...
  • Shopify VS Amazon

    Posted: Mar 03 2016

    It’s no secret that Shopify is the best platform for starting your eCommerce business. It’s a simple set-up, extremely intuitive and feasibly you can have at least one product, your bank account connected, and a simple theme up and running in less than an hour.Just look at that for a moment. You can own and brand a shop in under an hour with most of the tools baked in that...
  • Do you have a Content Marketing Strategy?

    Posted: Oct 16 2015

    Do you have a Content Marketing Strategy?
    Do you have a Content Marketing Strategy? Content Marketing is pretty simple. Or at least it should be, but coming up with content to entice visitors can be a problem unless you are able to think laterally about it. We will explore ways to improve your thought process and creativity in another post, but for now we just want to know if you have a strategy to bring in visitors...