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Shopify Theme News & updates

  • Shopify and WordPress Playing Nicely

    Posted: Jun 10 2016

    We will come right out with it and say that Shopify is fantastic as a shopping platform, but its blogging potential is not the strong point. The built-in blogging functionality is solid and useful for all of the reasons that a blog is useful, but it doesn't compare to the best and most famous blogging platform out there, which of course is Wordpress. The benefits of using Wordpress include the...
  • Shopify apps without issues

    Posted: Jun 07 2016

    Shopify is by far the best ecommerce platform that we have ever worked with, in fact it is so good we built our entire business around it. For existing merchants the transition from one platform to another will always be a challenge ( more on that in a later post ) but once inside of the Shopify eco-system you should never want to leave. As we know from dealing with...
  • Start Your Own T-Shirt Shop

    Posted: May 13 2016

    You know what's great? Shopify is. It's not just Shopify though. The thriving application support that's available in the Shopify App Store  is a big part of it.Last night we watched a fascinating webinar hosted by Corey Ferreira, a Shopify expert who ran through the process of setting up your shop and integrating a smart fulfilment application supplied by Printful.We know many people who have set up t-shirt stores using...