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  • Business Strategy. Acquisitions Part 3

    Posted: Jun 15 2016

    Business Strategy – Acquiring Another Online Business Doing The Deal This is the third article in the ‘acquisition trilogy’ and here we make a few suggestions as to how to approach the process of ‘making a deal’. Online businesses are some of the easiest to acquire because they are rarely location dependent and because the basic building blocks of most online operations are similar. You may be able to use...
  • Business Strategy. Acquisitions Part 2

    Posted: Jun 10 2016

    Business Strategy. Acquiring Another Online Business Valuing a Target In our last Business Strategy article, we considered the possibility of making an acquisition of another eCommerce business to complement your own. In this piece, we’ll be looking at how to value another business for your purposes and in the following article next week we’ll be offering some tips on how to get a deal done that benefits all parties. So...
  • Business Strategy. Acquisitions Part 1

    Posted: Jun 02 2016

    You know how hard it was to get your store up and running and to take care of all those issues we’ve discussed in previous articles. Well, it’s pretty much the same for everyone else too. With Shopify, setting up a store is the easy part; sign up, purchase a theme and start populating your site. But then the real work begins.As we know, though, greater volume leads to economies...